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  • Howell testimonial: "Wow . . . What a deal! Just two brushes paid for them all"
  • Robin testimonial: "Absolutely thrilled with the brushes! I have even given a handful of brushes to friends. What a bargain!"

The perfect gift for your artist friends & classmates

"It's the gift that keeps on painting"


$1.00 Each for artist brushes that sell for up to $25 each in art supply stores. Each Brush Bonanza contains dozens of brushes in an array of shapes and sizes. Closeouts & overstock from famous brush makers make this hard to believe offer possible.

Brushes for oil, acrylic and watercolor painting.

Included in each Brush Bonanza are 40 brushes consisting of brights, flats, rounds, filberts, fans, liners, wash, one strokes, angle brushes and much more. Both long and short handled brushes with natural bristles, synthetic hair, even pure RED SABLES are included! Brushes for painting on canvas, wood, finger nails, fabric, miniatures and more. Famous brands such as Grumbacher, Robert Simmons, Silver Brush, Genesis.

Please note: we have a limited supply of these Brush Bonanzas available. They are being sold on a first come first served basis. This offer cannot be repeated, so


100% money back guarantee.



Brushes are randomly assorted and may differ from photo shown above. On occasion duplicate brushes are included.
Some brushes have sharp, pointed handles, not recommended for children.

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